Sunday, October 18, 2020

Good News. Bad News


We got the first printed book of Itsy Bitsy Teddy Bear's Adventure!

Yay, but…

The cover is beautiful and the color of the interiors is as well, however, the printing on the interior has been cropped wrong and there are white bands on the tops and bottoms of all the pages. Ugh! So, I’m awful sorry to say, you need to be patient a while longer while we get this sorted out.

Itsy Bitsy Teddy Bear's Adventure First Printed Book Proof
First Print Front Cover

Itsy Bitsy Teddy Bear's Adventure first printed book proof
First Print Back Cover

Photo of interior pages gone wrong
Printing problems with the cropping

We have found the problem and are now in the process of getting it fixed. We have ordered a new proof copy from IngramSpark. I hope this final proofing stage won't take too long so we can send Itsy, Bitsy, Teddy Bear Willie out into the world.

Thank you ever so much for your patience and support!


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