Monday, November 9, 2020

It's Official! Itsy Bitsy Teddy Bear's Adventure Release Day

 Attention please!

Itsy Bitsy Teddy Bear's Adventure Book

Itsy Bitsy Teddy Bear’s Adventure is now available!

Happy Monday! We received the 2nd print proof of the book and it looks fantastic. It has been officially approved by Blue Bear. So, we can now release Itsy, Bitsy, Teddy Bear Willie into the world. Yay!

You can order the book on my Bookshop page. Or go to our Book Store for purchasing links at other online bookstores. 

Also, you can see a flip-through of the book on Teddy Bear's Adventure Facebook page.

Itsy Bitsy Teddy Bear's Adventure Blue Bear Approved

We will have a limited supply of books we can personalize within the next few weeks. We'll let you know when.

In the meantime, we have signed stickers available to send for those who purchase the book and would like a signed copy. Simply contact us and let us know you've purchased a book, would like a sticker and where you'd like it sent.

Thank you ever so much for joining us on this journey from sketch to final book. It has been a wonderful adventure, and we are so pleased to be able to share the final results with you.

Remember, you can be brave even though you are small.

A huge thank you goes out to my mom who has always inspired me to climb the biggest mountain and pushed me to believe I can do anything. This book is for you.

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